A philosophy of innovation across technology and business practices has been key to the Redwood Technologies Group’s continued and consistent success since its inception in 1993.

From developing the world’s first drag-and-drop conferencing system, RedMatrix, in 1995, the company has been first-to-market, or a ‘Fast Follower’, to many of the industry’s major innovations ever since. It has grown from a purely systems business that sold communications software to a group offering a complete end-to-end cloud communications estate to major enterprise organisations across all major vertical markets, and in regions from Japan to the US.

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Content Guru was incorporated in December 2005 as the direct result Redwood’s directors identifying a strategic demand shift in the communications technology market: The key emerging trend, anticipating the ‘cloud’ movement, was clearly towards organisations wanting to use, rather than to own, network communications systems.

Since 2005, the company has grown into the primary arm through which the Redwood Technologies Group does business, and has amassed major clients including Fleurop Interflora, the NHS, and UK Power Networks.

Content Guru provides cloud-based communications integration services to large enterprise and public sector organisations, including well-known brands such as Rightmove, Auto Trader, National Rail Enquiries and UK Power Networks.

Content Guru’s primary delivery platform is storm®, which is owned and operated in conjunction with in-country network partners, currently Vodafone (UK, Ireland, India) and KPN Telecom (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg). The platform is based on Redwood technology, drawing on a proven heritage of hardware and software development and manufacture.

Research and Development

Redwood Technologies Ltd. carries out the group’s cutting-edge research and development. Recently, this has led to brain, the Redwood Technologies Group’s Artificial Intelligence platform, and the Customer Knowledge System (CKS), the Group’s proprietary CRM system.

Redwood Technologies Ltd. maintains expert teams of Development and Application engineers.

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