storm® has equipped Travis Perkins, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading builders’ merchant and home improvement retailers, with a centralized contact center for their 19 businesses. Using a combination of storm applications, efficiency has significantly been increased, ultimately leading a better customer service.

“We required a flexible contact centre solution that could be deployed rapidly and could scale to meet our ambitious expansion plans, supporting the diverse needs of multiple businesses and a growing customer base under one unified estate. The intuitive web-based interfaces on storm enable us to centralise the management of a complex and geographically disparate estate, and its highly intelligent communications applications help us to reduce response times and manage enquiries more efficiently. We look forward to working closely with Content Guru as we develop our storm solution in line with our 5-year strategy.”

Matt Greaves, Service and Operations IT Director, Travis Perkins

Security fears deter many customers from paying by phone, restricting the size of your potential market. Moreover, a single breach of security could do serious damage to your brand, and even cause legal disputes. But the cost of deploying visible, robust security eats into the margins from phone payments.

storm LOCK® does for phone payments what 3DS has done for online payments. It helps you achieve PCI-compliance by ensuring that your agents will never ‘need to know’ a customer’s payment details. And it can be fully integrated with your existing billing systems.

You can choose whatever level of automation works best for your organization and your customers. All the customer has to do is submit their details via touchtone inputs, and all sensitive details are submitted directly to the CDE. Customers can be assured that this is the safest form of payment, as their payment details are never heard by another person or stored by the storm platform.

LOCK Payment Interface
The storm LOCK® interface, which allows agents to securely process payments over-the-phone

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As the number of channels for digital interaction grows, customer expectations evolve and they are increasingly demanding 24/7 contact availability, through any channel that is convenient or them. However, instead of having the expected 360-degree view of their customers, businesses often do not have the systems in place to efficiently collect, collate and effectively use customer data.

storm scales to handle any concurrent demand across all channels. Intelligent routing enables routine inquiries to be fully-automated, providing the information directly and securely to the consumer; alternatively, more complex interactions can be handled by agents. All agents receive context directly to their web-based agent desktop, enabling them to deliver more efficient service, and ensuring that all contacts can be quickly treated with an appropriate degree of depth, building and maintaining customer trust.

Additionally, the storm CKS solution offers lightweight CRM at a cost-effective price, seamlessly connecting to communications estates ranging from call centers to multi-channel contact centers. CKS can also act as an overlay solution, connecting to multiple third-party CRM and case management systems, enabling unification of the desktop.

“We have to deliver the Abercrombie & Fitch brand experience through every channel. The kind of people we recruit do not expect to be kept in a queue when they make a call. We have to be as responsive and direct as they are.”

Tom Goulet, Project Manager for the International arm of Abercrombie & Fitch

Through the storm platform, Content Guru provides a hosted IVR service to retailer, Abercrombie & Fitch that routes job candidates straight to the opportunities they are looking for. Short, quick menus – spoken by a brisk, youthful American voice – allow callers to navigate easily to the store and the job it is advertising.

Abercrombie & Fitch is also using storm, for some of its customer-facing IVR services. Customers can call for store locations and opening times, returns policies and, if necessary, to be routed through to a customer services agent.

The success of the service in the UK has led to its roll-out into Italy and Germany, with another deployment soon to launch in Japan. Content Guru’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud computing model allows rapid scaling and implementation, to accommodate the demands of the dynamic markets addressed by brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch.