storm® enables insurance providers to deliver an always-on, multi-channel Customer Engagement Hub, helping them to manage every enquiry across their consumer base, and serve every contact across all forms of media with a consistent level of excellence, whether automated or human.

Example multi-channel & customer information handling within the storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant®), enabling agents to effectively respond to customer enquiries with consistent information; one of the world’s leading insurance providers uses a multi-channel, multi-country storm cloud contact center solution with agents on the DTA

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With ongoing rapid evolution of technologies and communications, the insurance sector is forced to adapt to the changing behavior of consumers.

Insurers are being challenged by a rise of new intelligent systems such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent automated processes, as well as technology advances such as driverless cars and telematics.

Across the board, consumer expectations continue to accelerate rapidly. They expect to access information within a fraction of a second on platforms such as Google, using any communication channel of their choice, wherever they are, whenever they want. And when they speak to insurance advisors, they expect agents to offer intelligent advice on mitigating and managing their own risk, not just answer simple questions and deliver policy information. These advances mean high quality customer service and security are crucial differentiators within the heavily competitive insurance environment.

“Significant social, technological, economic, environmental, and political forces are reshaping the needs and expectations of insurance buyers, as well as the business environment in which insurance providers operate.”

Top Issues Annual Report, Insurance, pwc, Volume 9, 2017 operate.

A world-leading insurance provider utilizes this Salesforce integration to ensure that its Italian and English agents can more effectively respond to customer enquiries

Insurance providers must now implement an always-on, multi-channel Customer Engagement Hub to manage every enquiry across their consumer base, serving every contact across every form of media with a consistent level of excellence, whether automated or human.

storm® is a multi-award winning cloud Customer Engagement platform, which transforms the way major insurance providers engage with their consumers worldwide . It delivers a multi-channel blend of automated and live contact center capabilities, enabling consumers to contact organizations at any time, from any place and on any device, and be rapidly connected to the data they need, whether that be policy information, claims advice or otherwise. storm is used by a multi-national insurance provider to effectively triage contact by selecting the most appropriate agent or automated resource to deal with the request. As a result, the platform further increased agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.