storm® offers a full spectrum of omni-channel communications to transform the way that housing associations interact with their tenants

PCI-Compliant Rent Collections: PCI-secure payments are processed through a flexible combination of human and automated services. Strain on rent collection is eased as tenants pay rent via PCI-compliant dialler-equipped collection services.

Self Service User Portals: Enable total mobility with flexible practices for staff and enhanced services for tenants. Self-service portals allow tenants to book appointments, view documents and search communication history, via any device, anytime.

Tenant Surveying: Actively using tenant feedback gathered through storm ASK, your association receives vital information, reacts dynamically to tenant requests and develops a sustainable digital community for residents.

Automated Repair Booking: Tenant communications are integrated with maintenance teams to effectively triage issues and reduce unnecessary callback. Repairs can be filed 24/7, with automated follow-up reminders sent via email and SMS.