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storm® transforms the way healthcare providers engage with patients, delivering a breadth of services such as AI-backed first-line triage, efficient routing informed by intelligent and secure integrations with a range of medical databases, and automated appointment-booking services.

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“The storm platform delivers an amazing set of capabilities which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm as we go forward, and the platform will be instrumental in realizing our digitalization objectives. Most importantly, however, is that we’re able to substantially improve the experience of Londoners calling NHS 111 and the outcomes of our patients, ensuring that they get through to the care and support they need, when they need it, first time.”

Eileen Sutton, Head of Urgent and Emergency Care Programme (111 and Integrated Urgent Care) Healthy London Partnership and NHS England London Region.


storm for health offers healthcare providers of all sizes a range of efficiency gains. Organisations serving millions of patients can benefit from the platform’s scale and intelligence to deliver mass-personalized service to get to the heart of the patient’s issues, whilst flagging up potential epidemic situations if a pattern is detected in thousands of daily reports. The storm solution is even able to deliver automated triage services which take a range of patient medical data into account, and then suggest the best choice of action. If it is not able to appropriately complete the interaction, then it can rapidly pass over the interaction to a trained agent, whilst simultaneously providing them with intuitively displayed data and details of the conversation beforehand. Smaller organizations, meanwhile, can enhance their booking care with the storm ASSIST personalized, scalable, multi-channel automated booking system.