Dutch financial services provider, Stadsbank, uses integration between storm and its back-end financial information system, Allegro, to automatically feed information into interactions and enhance customer experience.

Your customers want to be able to access information about their finances instantly, at any time and from any place, and using any device and channel they might choose. However, your information systems are siloed and you have limited support for channels outside of voice and email, forcing customers to go through lengthy identification processes to access even basic information.

storm converges email, social media, SMS, voice, WebRTC and other channels into a single blended queue, enabling you to deliver consistent service and information to your customers, however they choose to interact. Secure integration with your back-end financial systems enables you to automatically feed information to customers – or route them through to a contact center agent who has all relevant data to-hand, for a more effective and accurate interaction.

Your contact centers are subject to unpredictable levels of demand. Even during huge spikes in contact volume, your consumers still expect the best level of service, and demand accurate information. However, you have a finite pool of agents available to handle inquiries, who need to access and relay data safely and securely – but these agents can often be overloaded with routine requests, such as balance enquiries.

storm scales to handle any concurrent demand across all channels. Intelligent routing enables routine inquiries to be fully-automated, providing the information directly and securely to the consumer; whilst more complex interactions can be handled by agents. All agents receive context directly to their web-based agent desktop, enabling them to deliver more efficient service, and ensuring that all contacts can be quickly treated with an appropriate degree of depth, building and maintaining customer trust.

The storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant™) agent desktop, enabling agents to handle interactions across social media, SMS, email, web, Instant Messaging (IM), WebRTC and voice – direct to-the-browser

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) places stringent regulations on how you manage customer interactions. On the one hand, you need to record all interactions to ensure there is always an audit trail, even during over-the-phone payments; on the other, you cannot store any sensitive information.

storm is backed by ISO27001, the highest international standard for data security, and Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, the highest international standard for payment security. All interactions across every channel are securely recorded and stored by storm – and for customers using the integrated secure payment application, LOCK®, no sensitive information is ever kept on or recorded by the platform, ensuring you can remain completely transparent and compliant.