The Redwood Technologies Group feels a strong commitment to uphold high social, ethical and environmental standards across its global operations. For the last twenty-five years, it has supported a range of charitable organisations and social enterprises through regular donations of money and the time of its skilled staff.

The Group is a founder sponsor of the Berkshire Community Foundation, an independent charity that aims to connect local people with local causes and projects, ensuring that their donations provide the greatest benefit for those in need.

The Group also encourages a culture of giving within the organisation, with the Group’s colleagues engaging in a wide range of causes to support causes both local and international.

Redwood Donation to the Red Cross

Sean Taylor DL and Martin Taylor, co-founders of the Redwood Technologies Group, present a donation to the Red Cross

Berkshire Community Foundation
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With roots firmly in Berkshire, the Redwood Technologies Group regularly supports charities and initiatives across the county, helping the local area to benefit from its own growth as a business

The international nature of the company’s work also brings with it a broad worldview and a desire to make a difference on a global scale. In this way, the Group helps international charities as well as local ones.

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