How will retailers differentiate themselves in 2016 with regards to customer experience: no company can rest on its laurels, especially not the UK’s Big Four supermarkets.

Martin Taylor, Director and Co-Founder of Content Guru gives us an insight on personalization.

‘Personalization’ is a factor that’s becoming an increasingly important part of the retail experience – and a key element of major retailers’ marketing plans. Some industry observers question whether it is really a long term solution for retailers. After all, if everyone offered you 15% off your favorite groceries, then wouldn’t the new price points just become the norm? My own view is that we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible with personalization and discounting. With Internet usage soaring and e-tailing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence on the rise, every day we gain more data that can help us tailor product and service offerings to consumers’ precise tastes at every stage of the journey.