Case Study : Thomas Cook Group

Thomas Cook Group is Europe’s second largest travel provider, with over 19.1 million annual customers. Providing high-quality service across its international customer base is a critical element of Thomas Cook Group’s ethos. Thomas Cook required a system that can not only handle huge volumes of traffic but also intelligently route calls to agents with relevant language skills.


storm CONTACT solution was deployed to deliver multi-channel communications for its contact centers throughout several countries. storm’s ability to scale up and down freely enabled Thomas Cook to process any volume of demand, and hence delivering enhanced personalized customer service.

storm has enabled us to maximise the value we get from our multi-skilled agents, without forcing us to rip-and-replace our existing infrastructure. Through engaging across multiple channels with improved routing logic we can make each interaction count for more, ultimately increasing our efficiency and our customer satisfaction.”

Ramona Schwahn, Project Manager at Thomas Cook Group