Case Study : Star Case Study

NGware provides the basis for Star’s cloud voice offering, from number management to enterprise grade PBX and contact center services. By leveraging a partner and platform with more than 6 years of experience running mission-critical cloud communications services, Star can sell with the confidence that their technology has best-in-class features and 99.999% reliability.

“We were faced with the challenge of differentiating our business in a highly competitive market, in which many companies are selling services based on the same few suppliers’ technology. NGware has enabled us to challenge this model. It has given us a best-in-class feature set with which we can create our own intellectual property, rather than relying on a vendor to innovate on our behalf. This lets us focus on our core business—selling solutions and creating value for customers. Now, our conversations focus on value first, with cost being a secondary concern.”

Steve Eveleigh, Product Manager — Unified Communications, Star