Case Study : Deutsche Telekom

German telecoms superpower T-Com launched its combined prepaid online purchasing and communications solution, MicroMoney, which consumers can use to buy content or alternatively to make calls via T-Com’s Redwood communication server. MicroMoney gives customers anonymous, speedy and spontaneous purchasing abilities, providing an efficient way of paying small amounts online.

One of MicroMoney’s target audiences has been the teenage online consumer. Here, MicroMoney’s simple, no-registration prepaid account frees the adolescent surfer from dependence on their parents’ credit card. With MicroMoney, consumers are also able to download episodes of their favourite soaps, as well as highlights and exclusive behind-the-scene webclips from a range of RTL TV shows, without committing to payment contracts and with no obligation to make additional purchases.

Redwood Technologies provides Deutsche Telekom with network-based unified communications to create and deliver a variety of secure and reliable services.


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Deutsche Telekom