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In times of crisis, showing a little humanity to those in need is what keeps communities together. At Redwood Technologies Group (RTG), we believe businesses have a responsibility to do more than that. RTG is dedicated to supporting charitable causes, on both a local and national scale. The Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) is just one of those.

The BCF brings philanthropic individuals and businesses together to make a real difference to people in need. They give charities and non-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for life changing grants. The BCF is part of UK Community Foundations (UKCF), a national group of foundations that provide advice and funding for charities, communities and individuals across the UK. The notion of Community Foundations, umbrella organizations for numerous charities, originated in the US, but has since become a global method of coordinating philanthropic efforts.

RTG Talent Partner, Syreeta Harewood, spoke to Jon Yates, the CEO of RTG’s charity partner at the BCF, about the work they have been doing to help their community during the pandemic.

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How has the BCF coped during the pandemic?
Very well by all accounts. We’ve found that the picture is changing all the time. A lot of groups now need support for basic running costs, to ensure that they can continue to meet the needs of their communities in the coming months. These needs are expected to increase, so we will continue to combat the effects of this crisis with everything we have.

Has the workload changed and has the number of causes risen?
The office has been closed since the start of lockdown and the Team are all working from home. We have been so busy during lockdown that we have managed to complete 2 years’ worth of work in 5 months. With several different types of need due to the pandemic and we have launched a ‘Vital for Berkshire – Coronavirus Appeal’, in order to raise money for those most affected in Berkshire by the impact of Coronavirus. We also managed the local distribution of NET (National Emergencies Trust), which was the main fundraiser to support people and organisations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Has the new Vital for Berkshire – Coronavirus Appeal been successful to date?
To date, the Appeal has raised circa £2.5 million with £2 million already granted to worthy causes.

Are businesses still donating?
During lockdown local businesses in Berkshire have donated £800k to good causes within Berkshire and are still donating. We have had tremendous support so far from companies, existing donors and the National Emergencies Trust and we would like to say a huge thank you to the many people and organisations who have made our work possible. This collective philanthropy has enabled us to help people most in need when they needed it most.

How can people help the BCF?
Your donations help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people across Berkshire and it makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Redwood Technologies group is proud to support the BCF. In 2010, the Group set up a dedicated fund with the BCF to support local charities called the Redwood Technologies Grassroots fund.

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