Engaged customers typically make regular purchases, give helpful feedback and remain loyal to brands – boosting customer lifetime value. Martin Taylor is a Director and Co-Founder of Content Guru, where he is responsible for strategic market development and the company’s public sector practice. He shares the five strategies designed to improve engagement by delivering better service experiences:

1. Ensure you fully understand customer ‘techspectations’
By allowing customers to contact you when they need to, and on the channel that’s most convenient to them, not only do you meet their immediate needs and technological expectations (‘techspectations’), but you also increase the likelihood of building long term brand loyalty. So provide extensive communications channel choice (in the form of voice, email, web chat, SMS, mobile, and social media) and ensure you deliver consistent service quality across these channels. Also, when selecting a multi-channel technology platform for your business, ensure it can empower contact center agents by giving them visibility of a customer’s service history across all channels.

2. Apply intelligent routing to all customer contacts
Make every interaction count by using intelligent contact routing to connect people to the right resource – live or automated – regardless of how they make contact. Avoid having to ask customers to repeat information during the whole contact routing and identification & verification process. If they provide information into an IVR, for example, don’t ask them to give it to an agent too. Not only will this more professional, secure and personal approach reassure customers that you value them and their business, it will also significantly reduce call handling times.

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