storm® VIEW is a sophisticated management information reporting interface that allows users to create highly customizable reports using a wide variety of intelligent data analysis tools, for both real-time and historical information.

Its wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke integrations, coupled with its comprehensive filtering capabilities, enable VIEW to perform custom look-ups, and display the information that is most important to you, from an overview of your organisation as a whole, right down to a single customer interaction.

The VIEW dashboard can be used to present any arrangement of data in a wide variety of graphical forms. From bar charts and word clouds, to live data tallies and capacity dials, VIEW allows you to display your data in the most impactful and effective format for each and every situation.

Once a report has been generated, it can be shared with other managers. Graphics can be exported as image files for use in presentations, and raw data can be exported as a spreadsheet for archiving, or to feed into third-party systems.

storm VIEW

Rail Delivery Group

storm’s easy interface, with its drag-and-drop functions, is fast and highly intuitive. We can access it from laptops, wherever we have an Internet connection, which has saved us a vast amount of time and effort. We can be more responsive to changing patterns of calls, helping to refine and improve our service.”

Alistair Page, National Rail Enquiries Operations Manager

Catering for a network of over 8 million properties, UK Power Networks face the challenge of making sure that they maintain their high service levels across the entirety of their expansive estate. With storm VIEW, UK Power Networks can survey a number of reports simultaneously, including real-time information on agent availability, at-a-glance graphics showing line business, and many more to-the-second data displays.

“Beyond external communications, storm enables us to optimize our own internal management with its real-time analytics, which helped us massively reduce response times. And because storm lets us introduce new features as and when we need them, we’re able to continually optimize every aspect of how we communicate; there’s already a roadmap for further improvements!”

Romolo Falcucci, Technical Architect, UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks stat