storm® CONTACT is a world-leading cloud contact center and customer engagement solution, powering hundreds of the world’s largest organisations with omni-channel, scalable communications supported by integration with hundreds of third-party systems.

storm Desktop Task Assistant dashboard
The storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant™) agent desktop, enabling agents to handle interactions across social media, SMS, email, web, Instant Messaging (IM), WebRTC and voice – direct to-the-browser

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storm offers a single, blended queue across every channel of communication, enabling true omni-channel service delivery and complete end-to-end customer journeys. Customizable real-time and historical reporting provides full visibility over all interactions, and routing plans can be adjusted rapidly through an intuitive graphical service management tool.

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storm Desktop Task Assistant dashboard

The multi-channel agent interface (DTA), delivering all channels directly to the agent’s web browser

SalesForce IntegrationIntegration between storm CONTACT and


storm is designed to open standards, and can integrate with any third-party system, application or database. There are currently hundreds of integrations live on storm, with a variety of platforms from mainstream CRM (e.g. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics), UC (e.g. Skype for Business and legacy Lynx deployments) and WFM (e.g. Verint and Teleopti), through to bespoke integration work with proprietary databases and systems such as secure electricity network monitoring (which feeds through live information on power status into utility contact centers).

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Content Guru was early-to-market with cloud contact center capabilities through storm, and the platform has been continually refined and expanded for over a decade, giving it an enormous capacity. The platform regularly scales to handle enormous spikes in demand.

storm supports hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises, including the management of communications for two-thirds of the UK’s electricity distributors. During outages, the platform seamlessly scales to handle any concurrent volume for every client on the platform at the same time.

UK Power Networks

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storm scales on-demand to enable the UK’s largest electricity distributor, UK Power Networks, to automate 93% of enquiries during peak times

storm WebRTC

Multiple live video streams and desktop sharing via WebRTC integration in a single agent desktop

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Speed and Innovation

As a true cloud platform, all technology is already live and available on storm. Research and Development (R&D) is a core part of Content Guru’s business, and new innovations are continually rolled out to ensure that customers can access the latest technologies – and future-proof their contact and customer engagement strategies. With the ability to deploy all services within a single agent browser (and no need for physical infrastructure), rollout times of large and complex solutions are very rapid.

Content Guru is a pioneer in integrating WebRTC technology with contact center capabilities, a feature which has been continually developed to include multi-party video chat and advanced collaboration.


Many storm clients operate large contact centers in mission-critical environments, such as the National Health Service (NHS) in healthcare, TUI Group in travel, as well as numerous utilities and government organizations. The platform’s default Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines 99.999% (“five nines”) availability as standard, ensuring that these vital services can depend on the storm cloud. Architecturally, storm is multi-sited in a highly-resilient configuration, and is embedded directly within carrier networks to ensure that there is no single point of failure across either hardware or networking.

The underlying hardware and software is completely proprietary and has been continually developed and refined for over two decades.


DNX 100

DNX®-100, high-capacity, hugely reliable hardware underpinning the storm service