brain® is Redwood Technologies’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolset. It fuses AI technology with multi-award-winning storm® cloud communications in order to deliver services such as intelligent chatbots and image recognition.

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“AI is set to be a game-changer for businesses across every industry. Companies are faced with the huge task of adapting to the increasingly complex communication needs of their customers. As such, we’re very excited to offer our customers the ability to enhance their storm capabilities with leading-edge decision-making automated AI platforms through brain. AI’s cognitive learning means it presents businesses with a scalable and very desirable opportunity to future-proof their communications estate and keep up with rapidly evolving consumer expectations.”

Sean Taylor, Global CEO of Redwood Technologies Group

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brain enables organizations to seamlessly integrate AI into their communications estate without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience. One seamless way to achieve this is through ‘supervised’ conversations, where the interaction can be effortlessly passed over to an agent where necessary. Currently used by major healthcare providers in the UK to triage large quantities of non-emergency enquiries, users of the service are safe in the knowledge that either the AI ‘agent’ or the customer can request the transfer of the interaction to a human agent immediately, with all the information provided in an intuitive format.

There have been considerable developments in the brain engine in recent months, with scale acting as a core driver for the introduction of new technologies. The ability to intelligently automate inquiries en masse and make contact center agents more efficient and consistent is one of the ways that AI can revolutionize customer engagement. In order to facilitate this, brain can offer the following services:

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Natural Language Processing

NLP is the interpretation of normal human language by a computer in order to carry out actions based on the contents of the utterance. The possibilities NLP presents for customer engagement are extensive, ranging from data collection to contact routing.

Recent advances in NLP-driven technology have enabled further enhancements to be made to storm SPEAK, enhancing its ASR capabilities. The product enables ‘unstructured voice’ conversations with customers, which was not possible with traditional phoneme-based ASR technologies on the storm platform. Advanced NLP services are rapidly configurable using the storm FLOW service management interface and by calling an ASR action cell which functions as an intelligent IVR menu.

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Speech Analytics

brain’s speech-to-text integration can be used to transcribe every interaction made, opening up potential for more advanced reporting and routing with voice treated as text. Transcriptions can be attached to the voice recording for analysis, used on a voicemail inbox or collected for machine learning purposes. This also opens up the possibility of automated agent wrap, freeing up human time and creating more accurate assessments of communications transactions.



Image Recognition

brain also integrates with third-party Image Recognition (IR) technology. One example of this in action is infrastructure damage location. Discussions with infrastructure providers unearthed issues around damaged communications network hardware assets at public locations. Citizens would be unsure of which communications company was responsible for the asset (e.g. a fiber cabinet) and might report a damaged cabinet to the wrong provider, resulting in unnecessary truck roll-outs and costing millions of pounds per annum.

Through brain, a Twitter-based chatbot has been trained to recognize hardware assets. Citizens then have the option to tweet a photo of a damaged asset, which is automatically recognized by the chatbot. The omni-channel capabilities of storm then sends out an email to the relevant infrastructure provider to ensure that the correct team of engineers is dispatched.

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