Gain a 360-degree view of your customers through fully-integrated knowledge & case management, ticketing and CRM, either using built-in storm® CKS (Customer Knowledge System™)or via integration with leading information platforms (including and Microsoft Dynamics)

storm CKS, fully-integrated into a unified interface with the storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant™) multi-channel contact handling portal, with an agent handling SMS enquiries


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Information is at the heart of the Customer Engagement Hub. As technological advances continue to make the world of customer interactions increasingly complex, your organization needs to provide personalized, best-in-class service across every customer touchpoint – and this service needs to be fully-informed with up-to-date, pertinent data. But although you capture huge amounts of customer information, this is stored in disparate systems with no consistency across records.

storm provides a number of methods to integrate your disparate customer information sources into a centralized Customer Engagement Hub, seamlessly combined with multi-channel contact handling. The native storm CKS application provides lightweight CRM and information management, optimized for the contact center environment and accessible through a converged agent interface (DTA®), through which agents can handle multi-channel enquiries alongside all pertinent customer data.

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storm integrated within the CRM environment, automatically popping customer details to the agent when a contact is initiated across any channel

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For customers with existing information system deployments, storm also has numerous off-the-shelf integrations with industry-leading solutions, including, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle RightNow and Siebel, and SAP ERP. All information is treated consistently, enabling you to deliver enhanced, personalized services to customers. Furthermore the storm team’s expertise in developing custom integrations enables storm to interface with proprietary data systems via bespoke Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

storm integrations are designed to fit the customer; the UK’s largest electricity distributor, UK Power Networks, uses a custom button within agents’ SAP interfaces to trigger an outbound contact, while a leading multinational insurance provider.

Alternatively, contact details can be popped within the agent desktop.