Innovating in communications excellence drives the work of our Research and Development Team. It has led us from a purely systems business to pioneers of complete end-to-end cloud communications solutions.

A Long History of Innovation

The world’s first drag-and-drop conferencing system, RedMatrix, was invented by our team in 1995. Since then, the Research and Development team have constantly innovated to deliver the best in customer experience. From leading the way with omni-channel cloud contact center functionality, to advancing global developments in Artificial Intelligence, Redwood Technologies Group is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology that keeps our clients ahead of the curve. We were one of the first to market with cloud, and have a track record of identifying the next major trends in the industry, and delivering solutions across a range of sectors around the world.

A Drive to Change the World

We are driven by the commitment to solve the world’s biggest communications problems. Our Research and Development team work to refine the speed, security, reliability and scalability of our platforms and hardware, so that our offerings can continue to shape the world of communications technology. Harnessing emerging AI technologies ranging from Machine Agents, to NLP and image recognition, has allowed us to make strides at the forefront of global innovation. Our motivation to solve the challenges facing an increasingly complex communications landscape shapes our philosophy as a Group.

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