4 in 5 people working in the technology industry are men.1

Redwood Technologies Group is committed to changing this by promoting equal opportunity and making the tech industry more open to women. A diverse team is an effective one, and nowhere are effective teams more necessary than at the cutting edge of technological progress. We are proud to employ team members from a wide variety of backgrounds, all collaborating to deliver a service that represents everyone. We celebrate the impact that these outstanding women have had on our company and the technology industry at large.

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Senior Technical Writer

Alison Heard joined the Redwood Technologies Group in 2015 as a Technical Writer and has since been promoted into a team leader role. She graduated with a BEng in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey, and has worked in various sectors in both the UK and US, including a role in governance, risk management and compliance at Hitec Laboratories, before joining the Redwood team. As part of the tech writing team, one of Alison’s main responsibilities is to write the help and user guides for the Group’s products. The team also writes other technical documents such as training documents and often contributes to bid documents.

Alison Heard

Jaspreet Dhanjal

Senior Project Manager

Since joining Redwood Technologies Group from IBM in January, Jaspreet has acquired considerable responsibility within the Project Management team, including supervision of connect storm’s implementation with overseas partner, Rakuten. Not only has Jaspreet managed the platform’s technical deployment within Japan, but her logistical expertise has facilitated the transferal of 17 British engineers to Rakuten’s Japan offices. These successes have led to her managing the entire Japanese portfolio, working closely with Rakuten’s customers and managing complex projects. When she isn’t running international cloud communications deployments, Jaspreet enjoys spending time with her three children, volunteering for a homeless charity in Reading, and working out in the office gym.

Senior Operations Engineer

Lauren James joined the Redwood Technologies Group 6 years ago as a new graduate from the University of Nottingham. She began her career as a Support Engineer in 2012, taking on increasing responsibility and progressing to the role of Senior Operations Engineer. Last year, Lauren was named a finalist in the ‘Young IT Professional of the Year’ category at the prestigious UK IT Industry Awards for her outstanding contribution and commitment to the business. She received the nomination for the core role she plays in ensuring that the company’s frontline platform and vital services continue to run smoothly.

Lauren James