The Redwood Technologies Group comprises Redwood Technologies (est. 1993) and Content Guru (est. 2005), and a number of international entities under these brands.

Redwood Technologies Group

The Redwood Technologies Group was incorporated in January 2016 to bring together the Group members under a single umbrella. The Group delivers world-leading communications technology and services to hundreds of the world’s largest organisations, and has continually pushed the boundaries of communications innovation for 25 years.

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Content Guru

A multi-award-winning provide of omni-channel cloud contact center solutions, founded in 2005, Content Guru uses Redwood technology to deliver transformational cloud services through the multi-award-winning storm® platform.

Content Guru deploys these solutions in tens of countries worldwide, across a huge range of sectors, and has regional entities in countries such as Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Singapore, Australia and Italy.

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Redwood Technologies

Founded in 1993 as a hardware manufacturer & software developer, focused on the creation of multi-channel communications technology. Today Redwood is responsible for the Group’s R&D and continual innovation.

Redwood hardware has been deployed in over 50 countries worldwide and it has held local presence in countries including Nigeria and Malaysia.

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