Sean Taylor, CEO of Redwood Technologies (as part of the Redwood Technologies Group), has been featured in CBI's latest report 'Lifting the Trophy: Scale-Up Insights into the Productivity Prize', which finds that scale-up medium-sized businesses make a large contribution to the British economy and play a critical role in solving the UK's productivity puzzle.

Within the report, Taylor shares his insights into boosting productivity, explaining how high-quality leadership, communication and regular performance reviews are key to boosting employee engagement, securing continued business growth and improving economic productivity for scale-up companies.

The report was published by CBI earlier this month in partnership with Lloyds Bank, Aston Business School and the ScaleUp Institute, and is based on data compiled from companies across the UK and interviews with over 30 scale up businesses.

Read the full CBI report here or turn to pages 10 and 12 to read Taylor's insights.


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July 13, 2016
Category: News