storm® DTA®:SWITCHBOARD is the latest module within the Redwood Technologies Group’s Desktop Task Assistant (DTA) agent and supervisor interface, providing operators with full multi-channel switchboard functionality for connecting interactions to the best available agent across multiple queues. SWITCHBOARD also delivers visibility over multiple sites and interactions as well as enhanced queue management driven manually.

SWITCHBOARD extends the multi-channel architecture underpinning storm’s intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD®) technology by allowing any user with an operator licence to manually access and manage queues. As with standard iACD queues, an operator-managed queue can contain enquiries from multiple contacts across multiple channels, and can be distributed to agents or users with appropriate privileges to handle the interactions.

Through SWITCHBOARD, operators gain the ability to make informed decisions on contact routing, manually assigning each enquiry held in a queue to an agent—or opting to handle it themselves.

A single operator licence can monitor multiple simultaneous queues, enabling holistic management of distributed sites, or even of multiple queues to a single site.

A SWITCHBOARD licence also provides the operator with granular management capabilities across all ongoing interactions, enabling monitoring of multiple ongoing interactions while providing the ability to personally handle any enquiry across email, web chat, SMS, voice and social media.

Additionally, queues can contain callback requests from contacts who have opted out of an earlier queue and been automatically redialled by storm, enabling operators to identify priority contacts; failed call transfers can also be entered into the queue, flagging up the status to the operator to better inform decisions. Pressing the enter key at any time automatically selects the longest-waiting contact in any monitored queue, enabling operators to deliver instant service when required.

Automated lookups within storm records, or through integration with a third-party CRM (Customer Relationship Management) resource or other database enables customer names to be automatically fed through into the DTA to increase the operator’s visibility over contacts.

Queues are configured within the storm PBX™ and CONTACT™ portal in the same way as a standard iACD queue, enabling administrators to assign specific criteria such as entry point and channels permitted within the queue.

Integration with the storm VIEW™ reporting interface enables complete visibility over all interactions, including contact handling times, SLAs for any particular queue, and can also provide contact logging and recording for enhanced management. Operator behaviour can also be analysed, enabling managers and administrators to ensure that all communications and management procedures can be optimised.

Matthew Chadd, Project Management Manager at the Redwood Technologies Group, commented:

“Contact automation delivers a huge range of benefits for organisations, particularly at large scales during peaks in demand. But at the same time, cloud technology has enabled the role of the operator to continually evolve. In many cases, the ability of a human to manually determine the best agent to handle a particular contact can be invaluable.

“SWITCHBOARD allows organisations to maximise the value of highly-skilled contact centre managers and operators, particularly those who have unique first-hand knowledge of agents, sites and clients.

“Additionally, the ability to provide a real-time view over all contacts in the queue—and all users and agents servicing these enquiries—delivers unprecedented real-time management capabilities. Operators can now ensure that all communications are handled as efficiently as possible, and can manually prioritise critical interactions such as callback requests or previously failed communications.”

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May 12, 2016
Category: News