Redwood Technologies is delighted to have achieved the highest level of PCI DSS Compliance – Version 3.1 – as the founding member of the Redwood Technologies Group. The certification, recognised by global forum the PCI Security Standards Council, builds on the company’s existing Level 1 compliance.


The latest iteration of the global PCI standard accredits companies which exhibit the highest standards of security across the transmission, storage and processing of payment card data on all card-based payment channels, including telephone, online and point-of-sale transactions.

Recipients go through a rigorous accreditation process which assesses every aspect of organisations’ payment mechanisms, aiming to ensure the ultimate safety of customer and end user data during sensitive transactions.

Redwood Technologies initially achieved PCI compliance in 2012, and processes huge volumes of financial transactions for clients through its mass automated payment system, storm® LOCK®, and its extension PADLOCK, which delivers agent-assisted payments while ensuring that no sensitive data is kept on the platform.

Sean Taylor, CEO of Redwood Technologies, commented:

“With this latest certification to version 3.1, we are extremely proud to have secured the highest possible level of PCI compliance. Increasing numbers of our clients are now choosing to run mission-critical payment services through our storm platform, and it is essential that we can continue to demonstrate that our processes conform to the foremost standards of industry recognition.”

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February 11, 2016
Category: News