On Wednesday 25th March 2015, a delegation from Redwood Technologies enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the British Red Cross in Reading which highlighted the tremendous scope, scale and value of work the charity carries out on a daily basis.

The Redwood employees made a trip to the charity’s Thames Valley Headquarters to see the Red Cross facilities and meet the staff and volunteers responsible for the organisation’s activities. Redwood has long been a supporter of the Red Cross, helping to aid its vital work across both local and international causes.

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As well as front-line ambulance and first aid support, in which the Red Cross also provides immediate points of shelter, comfort and communication for those forced to evacuate their homes during emergencies, the charity provides crucial help to people of all ages faced with physical and emotional difficulties.

The visit covered a number of aspects of the Thames Valley branch, which had just finished its extensive support operations for the Reading marathon which saw it treat hundreds of participants.

The tour was rounded off by a look at the control room, fitted out with systems to track the location and status of all vehicles and incidents. This facility is of huge value to the Thames Valley operation and once fully operational could represent a flagship base and model example for other branches across the country.

Red Cross 2The visit inspired many at the company to get more involved in the charity’s work, with the admin department volunteering to take part in a sponsored abseil down Bracknell community college in the summer.

Redwood’s CEO Sean Taylor said: “We would like to thank the Red Cross team at Reading for their kind invitation and for taking the time to show our team some of the critical work they carry out for people in need. Redwood is extremely proud to continue to support these activities and our employees who visited are excited to be joining in with their upcoming fundraising events in the region.”

For more information on the Red Cross and all of the services that Redwood saw during the visit, please see: www.redcross.org.uk/Where-we-work/In-the-UK/Southern-England/Berkshire-Buckinghamshire-and-Oxfordshire

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March 30, 2015
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