Redwood Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of the DNX®-100, the latest in its flagship series of DNX (Digital Network Xchange™) multimedia communications servers. The DNX-100 supersedes the DNX-400 as Redwood’s flagship hardware platform, leveraging host-based technology to deliver increased functionality and availability at a lower price point.

The DNX-100 provides more processing power than the 400 while occupying just a quarter of the physical space; when combined into an INX™ (Intelligent Network Xchange™) cluster formation, four DNX-100 units are therefore capable of more than quadrupling a DNX-400’s processing power within the same rack space, with the benefit of additional resilience through the clustering.

This reduction in size is made possible by the DNX-100’s host-based service layer, which obviates the need for dedicated server blades by running all processes in a single, virtualised environment. This also safeguards against loss of service; in the event of hardware failure, all server processes can be seamlessly delegated to another DNX-100 within a cluster, working in parallel, to maintain service uptime.

Leveraging these capabilities, the platform is geared for a range of powerful multi-channel communications functions, including video processing, which underpins services such as Redwood’s RedMatrix® conferencing and RedLink® Unified Communications and web-based DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant™) applications. This is supported by higher-definition codecs which further enhance the quality of all voice communications, while the platform’s single service layer optimises the efficiency of multi-channel communications by treating inbound and outbound web, SMS, email and voice interactions in a unified environment at the hardware level.

Sean Taylor, Managing Director of Redwood Technologies, commented:

“Our DNX platforms have always been at the cutting edge of multi-channel communications. It’s commonplace today for comms platforms to be based on open technologies, but when we designed our first solutions two decades ago, the open-systems approach and leveraging of the internet were concepts very much in their infancy.

“The DNX-100 was built to allow the power of the cloud to be fully harnessed. Over the next 2-3 years we expect to see a further uptake in the use of video and multimedia, with use spreading from consumer to enterprise and government services. Our new DNX offers great functionality and scalability, with continued reliability at an attractive price point and will be something we look back on as another ground-breaker in Communications Integration.”

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January 13, 2015
Category: News