Bracknell, 8th April 2014: Redwood Technologies' sister company, Radius Communications, will host the second forum of The Cloud Communications Council (TCCC), the exclusive roundtable event for local authority customer service and technology leaders. The second forum will address some of the key challenges facing local councils across the UK, with a particular focus on integration.

Forum #2: Integration will cover a broad range of issues, including:

• Integration of multiple communication channels and providing a consistent experience for citizens • Integration between data and communications for automation of business processes • Integration between cloud and on-premise systems

The session will begin with a keynote presentation by Radius director, Martin Taylor, asking the question, “Isn’t it great to integrate?”. Then in a series of breakout sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to share valuable insights and perspectives on the challenges which their organisations face, compare best practices with colleagues from other councils and discuss how integration can be practically applied to solve immediate business problems. The content of the event will form a series of leadership articles which will be shared across the local government sector.

TCCC Forum #2: Integration will be held on Friday 16th May at Radius Court, Bracknell. For more information about or to register your interest, please call +44 [0] 1344 852 200, or email

To read the Action Report from Forum #1 exploring the question, “How can Councils Improve Customer Service and Cut Cost?”, please click here, or to view a video covering some of the highlights from Forum #1 please click here.

April 8, 2014
Category: News