RTIntegrate™:Lync® is a module in the RTIntegrate family of versatile Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling a range of Redwood applications to seamlessly interoperate with the Microsoft® Lync Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) environment. RTIntegrate:Lync merges the breadth of Lync capabilities, including video conferencing, with best-in-class Redwood communications and management information applications to create an enhanced, feature-rich service suite.

The flexibility and open standards of Redwood products enable integration with the Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) already available on Lync, to feed information to and from Redwood platforms in near real time. Redwood’s systems then fields all calls, with switchboard operators able to instantly route interactions to any available Lync user through a drag-and-drop interface.

RedContact™’s intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD) acts as the frontline for all enquiries. When processing an interaction, RedContact pulls real-time presence information from Lync to determine which users are available. Each user is assigned additional properties through the Redwood admin portal, such as skill level, which RedContact then utilises in conjunction with customisable matching rules and presence to calculate the best possible agent to handle each enquiry.

The user receives interactions through the same Lync client, creating a seamless experience, while RedContact ensures that human resource use is optimised through enhanced distribution.

Through a custom UCMA Trusted Application, developed by Redwood engineers in the Lync environment, the Desktop Transformation Assistant (DTA®) becomes integral to the Lync user client. The DTA leverages RedContact’s flexibility and breadth of existing integrations to automatically feed relevant customer data such as contact history or address from third-party CRM systems, including Salesforce.com®, into an intuitive desktop pop-up for the user. This enables more efficient contact handling and ultimately optimises contact resources. The DTA also provides users with an interface for entering completion codes and notes, which are automatically stored against the contact by RedContact to ensure a consistent customer experience for every interaction.

RedContact DTA integrated with Microsoft Lync client for an enhanced user and customer experience.

Additionally, the in-depth reporting interface, RedView™, delivers complete visibility over the entire Redwood / Lync integrated environment. Contact handling information and presence are fed from Lync and combined with Redwood data, powering live wallboards which show complete user-by-user activity and a range of metrics such as average contact handling time. Statistics such as contact queuing time can also be run for the entire estate, and historical dashboards can be created for any time period. This enables service levels to be continually optimised.

Kalpesh Patel, Senior Project Manager, comments: “Over the last few years, Lync uptake has rapidly increased, particularly in markets such as UC, collaboration and even the PBX space. However, at present the service is primarily internally-focused. By integrating our best-in-class omni-channel contact routing with Lync, we provide a complete, highly functional end-to-end contact centre experience.

“Users continue to operate from the same client as before, so there is no need to retrain large numbers of staff; in fact, the DTA makes users’ jobs far easier to carry out, as they are automatically supplied with all relevant information for each enquiry. RedView provides valuable insight into not only the performance of individual users, but also that of the entire contact estate, ensuring that services can be updated based on valid, up-to-date information.

“By layering Redwood capabilities over existing Lync deployments, we can provide organisations with cutting-edge contact centre and reporting capabilities, while making the most of their existing investments.”

March 5, 2014
Category: News