Last week, John Cridland CBE, the Director-General of the CBI, visited the new UK headquarters of Redwood Technologies, a global provider of communications software and hardware based in Bracknell. He was joined by his CBI colleagues Steve Rankin, the Regional Director for the Thames Valley, and David Mullen, the Chief of Staff.

John Cridland is the key spokesperson for the British business community in the media, on public platforms and with the government. He leads the CBI – “the voice of business” - in the UK and represents it internationally.

During his visit to Redwood’s offices, Cridland met with the founders and directors of the company, Sean and Martin Taylor. The conversation covered a range of challenges and opportunities for British business, and John Cridland outlined some of the CBI’s plans to help stimulate growth in the UK economy.

Left to right: Sean Taylor (Managing Director, Redwood Technologies), John Cridland CBE (Director-General, CBI), Steve Rankin (Director – Thames Valley, CBI), Martin Taylor (Sales and Marketing Director, Redwood Technologies), David Mullen (Chief of Staff, CBI)

As a member of the CBI Enterprise Forum, Sean Taylor took the opportunity discuss the activities of the CBI within the SME sector, and its endeavours to support British companies like Redwood. In addition, Martin Taylor shared some of his experiences from sitting on the CBI Intellectual Property Committee – a subject matter very close to home for Redwood, as a business with a heavy focus on researching and developing its own technology.

Cridland commented on the visit, “We’ve been banging the drum for small and medium-sized businesses and the important role this forgotten army will play in the UK’s economic recovery. Companies like Redwood Technologies have a really important role to play in driving growth and I was delighted to see their offices buzzing with apprenticeships and graduates. To help firms like Redwood to thrive, the CBI is pressing the Government to ensure smaller firms can access the skills they need by giving employers more control over the design and funding of apprenticeships, and improving access to export support schemes so they can tap into fast-growing overseas markets.”

Sean Taylor added, “It was fascinating talking to John about the CBI’s work and to get his perspective on British industry. Martin and I have been involved with the CBI for many years now and their efforts in shaping government policy make a real difference to businesses like ours. It’s crucial that British business has that interface with government, and John Cridland is the ideal leader to drive those dialogues and champion the cause of business. I hope he found the visit useful!”

September 10, 2013
Category: News