Redwood Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the state-of-the-art DNX-400, the latest version of its network-strength multimedia communications platform. The DNX-400 takes over from the DNX-1200 as the primary Redwood communications server, providing 8x more processing power.

The 400 revolutionises the possibilities of communications technology by incorporating significant upgrades to the DNX’s multi-core CPU and memory capabilities, creating the most powerful server ever offered by Redwood. Eight parallel 64-bit processors, each with its own dedicated memory channel and memory banks, replace the single processing unit of the DNX-1200, representing a quantum leap forward in the power and resilience of the platform.

This unprecedented processing capability provides the capacity demanded by the latest RTSinfonia® Microkernel, the MK2013, to accommodate the increasing volume and complexity of Redwood services. Additionally the higher density of the chassis, which makes the 400 a third of the size with three times the capacity of the DNX-1200, enables the platform to be more easily combined into high-powered, resource-sharing INX clusters than its predecessors, providing users with significantly more power while optimising physical space usage.

The storage method utilised in previous DNX models, based on a dual disk setup, has also been substantially revamped, replaced by an array of up to eight SAS (serial attached SCSI) drives which provide the capacity necessitated by the 400. The flexibility of the enhanced DNX architecture enables either SAS Solid State Disks (SSDs) or SAS Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) to be utilised, depending on individual requirements.

Each DNX platform serves as the basis for the extensive range of Redwood communications services, providing the underlying capacity and reliability at the hardware level. The open architecture of DNX hardware accounts for the flexibility of Redwood applications, which can seamlessly interoperate with a huge number of external systems and processes without compromising performance.

Martin Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Redwood Technologies, comments:

“It’s always exciting when we release the next model in the DNX series, but the 400 represents more than a simple upgrade – it is a state-of-the-art communications system that is radically more advanced than even the DNX-1200, which itself is a market-leading system. When we released the original DNX back in 1995, we were instantly able to offer a far wider range of services than our contemporaries. The reliability, capacity and flexibility that made this first platform so effective are maxims to which we’ve strictly adhered, and the 400 represents the pinnacle of our twenty years of hardware development.”

May 3, 2013
Category: News