Redwood Technologies has again been approved as a supplier of cloud-based services in the latest iteration of the UK Government's G-Cloud tender, the G-Cloud iii.

The project, spread between 2012 and 2015, looks to realise savings of £180 through the re-use of applications in a centralised Application Store, as well as £160 million through data centre consolidation. Through the CloudStore applications library, total sales in the 13-month period from March 2012 - March 2013 amounted to £18,244,138. The overall trend is positive, with the latest recorded month amounting to roughly a third of total spending, giving every indication that the project will continue its drive towards creating a successful business exchange.

Redwood was previously approved for the framework in the first and second tender requests, in February and October 2012 respectively, forming part of a select group of SaaS and Specialist Cloud Services providers. Through the G-Cloud portal, organisations such as the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Justice are able to search for IT services which are charged on a pay-per-usage basis, ultimately saving on CapEx investments demanded by traditionally sourced solutions.

Sean Taylor, Managing Director of Redwood Technologies, commented:

"We're pleased that Redwood Technologies has been re-selected as part of the G-Cloud initiative, which in little more than a year has already fomented a steady amount of business. As the framework continues to grow, more and more organisations will be able to experience the benefits of the cloud delivery model and the principles of resource-sharing. G-Cloud is the only policy of its kind in Europe, and has already begun to realise its potential to significantly aid the UK economy, which only narrowly avoided a triple-dip recession in April."

May 2, 2013
Category: News