27th March 2012, Bracknell, UK: Redwood customer Rightmove has announced a dramatic increase – 57% – in the number of leads it delivers to estate and lettings agents. This announcement further consolidates the property giant’s leadership in the online property market.

According to the most recent published figures, Rightmove’s website is the 6th busiest in the UK, coming in after only Facebook, Google, Youtube, eBay and Amazon. The site’s popularity in the UK continues to escalate, with a 20% increase in page views on last year, placing it ahead of even BBC News and making it the busiest of all British websites.

Its collaborative partnership of joint innovation with Redwood helps Rightmove stay firmly at the head of its market. As part of the 2,000 enhancements which it made to its platforms in the last year, it signed an exclusive 4-year contract with Redwood for communications services targeted at increasing both the quantity and quality of leads which it delivers to agents.

The cloud model of the Redwood-built storm platform has meant that Rightmove has been able to scale seamlessly as more and more traffic has been generated. As the programme of service improvements has been rolled out with Redwood over recent months, estate and lettings agents have seen a transformational uplift in the number of calls they receive – for many, the quantity of calls has increased by over 100%.

The Redwood platform has opened up new options for Rightmove to help it turn web visits into calls, as well as providing estate and lettings agents with tools to enhance their conversion rates and maximise their competitiveness as the property markets recover their momentum.

March 27, 2013
Category: News