RTIntegrate: Social Media is a subset of the RTIntegrate family of flexible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which enables users to gain instant visibility over how their brands, products and services are represented across social networks. By continuously mining social media data in real-time, RTIntegrate feeds a stream of raw information into Redwood’s in-depth RedView reporting application, enabling organisations to view a range of reports providing enhanced insight.

Interoperation with RTIntegrate: DataManagement enables users to rapidly construct keyword dictionaries and expression lists, which identify critical phrases or words for RTIntegrate to query. In this way, users gain complete control over what they search for, whether individual words such as product names or phrases either condemning or praising the business. Priority users can also be tracked, enabling organisations to enhance service levels for loyalty customers. The flexibility of Data Management also enables users to dynamically change search criteria when new products are released or new trends identified.

RTIntegrate: Facebook leverages the existing HTTP-based Graph API to perform regular searches based on the predefined keywords and expressions, including posts and comments, and can also be used to gather data on the number of ‘likes’ attained by certain content. This enables organisations to see their more popular products, comments and customer engagement outreach, enabling them to optimise marketing strategies. Combined with keyword and expression information, this also enables organisations to gain new insight into the quality and success of their products.

The complementary module, RTIntegrate: Twitter, utilises Twitter’s existing HTTP-based REST APIs to establish the data feed. Through the Streaming API, hundreds of keywords can be tracked in real-time, enabling any new tweets containing these words to be fed into the RedView reporting suite and monitored alongside Facebook trends.

Customisable filters enable users to rapidly switch between Keyword Dictionaries and Expression Lists, enabling administrators to produce and share reports with multiple users for different purposes – one group could investigate feedback around a particular product set, while another could analyse the activities of VIP customers.

RedView provides a variety of display methods, including real-time feed displays for Twitter and Facebook and a tag cloud to indicate which keywords and expressions are used most commonly. Additionally, through integration with Google Maps, RedView visually plots geographical locations on a map, enabling users to analyse where particular keywords and expressions are being used.

Richard Manthorpe, Project Manager at Redwood, comments: “Social media is becoming an increasingly important communications channel, presenting unprecedented opportunities to enhance both customer service and marketing. Information spreads faster through social media than through any other medium, and with over a billion people now interacting regularly through these networks, for the first time businesses can see what their customers think, as soon as they say it.

“However, to make sense of such a massive volume of information is extremely technically demanding. The open architecture that underlies all Redwood technology, and the power of DNX hardware, gives enterprises the platform they need to distil the data which matters. Although the APIs provided by the social networks only allow historical searches for a certain time window, RTIntegrate automatically stores all queries, so users can perform historical queries just as easily as they can view live information. This gives organisations a vital advantage in analysing trends and gives them the opportunity to respond ahead of their competitors.”

March 15, 2013
Category: News