British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has highlighted the importance of payment security in India, as he leads the largest ever delegation of UK business leaders to the country. The Prime Minister’s comments came on the 19th February 2013 as he finalised a deal that will see the UK and India work together to improve the security of data outsourced to the country.

The Indian contact centre industry is booming, with the sector worth in excess of £3 billion per year. As the amount of sensitive information passing through Indian contact centres has increased, so too have fears about its security. In 2011, the UK government estimated the loss to the economy as a result of cyber-crime at an approximate £27 billion per year.

"[Global data security] ... is an area where Britain has some real competitive and technology advantages."
- David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

Mr Cameron commented that ensuring the security of data abroad was becoming as important an issue as maintaining secure standards at home. The Prime Minister added that Britain had a key role to play in improving global data security, adding that “this is an area where Britain has some real competitive and technology advantages.”

Redwood technology is already leading the way in helping to guarantee the security of contact centre transactions. The Redwood-driven storm platform offers PCI DSS level-1 compliant payment options from an ISO27001 accredited organisation. storm PADLOCK enables customers to complete payments securely, without ever having to divulge sensitive data, such as credit card details, to another human.

PADLOCK kicks in at the payment stage of every call, allowing the customer to enter card details via an automated service. DTMF masking disguises every detail provided, allowing agents to stay on the line and offer assistance to the customer throughout the automated payment process.

“Ensuring that information passes through as few hands as possible is fundamental to good data security practices,” explains Martin Taylor, Redwood Director. “The strength of PADLOCK is that it enables sensitive information to be captured via an automated system, without compromising the important human element of customer service. Agents are able to remain involved throughout the entirety of the payment process without ever seeing the details of the payment themselves.”

Taylor continued, “Mr Cameron’s comments highlight a very important issue for the contact centre industry, and Content Guru is ready to play its part in tacking it.”

February 22, 2013
Category: News