The UK’s leading property portal, Rightmove, has signed an exclusive 4-year communications services contract with Redwood Technologies. The deal will see Redwood support the web giant as it launches its next generation of mobile-oriented services.

Rightmove is the number one online property service in the UK, with more than 10 million unique users passing through its website every month. Since 2007, Rightmove’s membership has covered more than 90% of all UK estate agents and the website lists properties on behalf of tens of thousands of agency offices and new homes developers nationwide.

In addition to being the UK’s most visited property site, Rightmove ranks as one of the top 20 most popular websites overall in the UK.

The heart of Rightmove’s business is its ability to create leads for thousands of agency offices and new homes developers across the UK each day. However, prior to using Redwood’s technology, it was proving difficult for Rightmove to relay call information to their customers in a timely manner.

Migration of the business communications estate to the Redwood-built storm® platform has enabled Rightmove not only to demonstrate the number of leads that its website generates for its members, but also to provide exclusive value-added services that actively assist its customers in converting these leads into sales.

The powerful Redwood-driven platform provides Rightmove customers with automated daily telephone lead reports, showing customers precisely how many calls came from Rightmove phone numbers, displaying their return on investment in real terms. Phone-based management information is integrated with statistical data for other media sources such as email. Meanwhile, storm’s intuitive service management interfaces have enabled Rightmove to administer core system functions more efficiently, with a 97% reduction in turnaround times on service modifications since implementation.

Additional automated alerts via email and SMS prompt agents to follow up on missed calls and requests for valuations, ensuring that no hot leads are wasted. This is particularly important, since in many cases the first agent to provide a valuation is the one who wins the opportunity to market a property.

Crucially, the adoption of Redwood technology has enabled Rightmove to enhance its service by giving its members on-demand access to previously unavailable features such as call recording, which enables on-the-job training of sales negotiators.

Localised knowledge is of critical importance in the property market, and as such estate agents typically operate numerous dispersed branches to maximise their area-specific knowledge. However, this set-up traditionally acted as a barrier to investment in infrastructure such as call recording equipment, due to the capital cost of rolling out such capabilities across numerous branches.

Using cloud deployments of Redwood technology, Rightmove has been able to provide its members with access to call recording services and storage for all agency and new homes sites without incurring additional capital costs. Incoming enquiries can be recorded and then stored centrally in the cloud, allowing Rightmove members to retrieve and review voice recordings from any location via the web portal. Members are thus able to enjoy the quality control benefits of call recording services without any of the heavy capital outlay ordinarily required.

The conclusion of this latest contract between Rightmove and Redwood represents the beginning of a new stage in the relationship between the two organisations. The coming months will see Redwood develop and deliver exciting new products and facilities for Rightmove as the property portal launches its new generation of mobile services, enabling the company to offer even greater value through its website and mobile apps.

Miles Shipside, Commercial Director for Rightmove, comments, “As an online business dealing in an intensely competitive market in a challenging economic climate, we have to make sure the experience we offer to users is always at the leading edge. The modern consumer wants instant service and information, anytime, anywhere, and on the device of their choice.”

“Redwood’s expertise across the full spectrum of communications technologies, including web, mobile data and voice, makes it the perfect partner to help us build on our established roots and enrich our portfolio with next-generation communications services. This will be fundamental for Rightmove in developing its market share. If we stopped innovating, or even slowed our rate of technical advancement, then we would risk allowing our competitors to catch up.”

Redwood’s experience with multichannel technology delivers further potential to enhance the mobile experience for all users. Knowledge of customer preferences and interaction history can be shared across multiple channels, providing the consumer with a seamless search and transaction experience. Property hunters will be able to begin a search on the move using a mobile device, return home, and continue precisely from the point they left off, via their computer.

Martin Taylor, Director of Redwood Technologies, said of the new contract: “Rightmove is the clear leader in its field, and we are delighted to be working with a consumer-facing customer of this calibre. We look forward to supporting Rightmove through this exciting period of innovation and helping our customer to maintain its dominance in the online property sector for years to come.”

February 13, 2013
Category: News