Friday the 16th of November saw storm, the communications integration platform powered by Redwood technology, deployed once again in support of the BBC Children in Need Appeal, providing a secure payment solution that helped the event to break donation records for the second consecutive year. Donations this year reached nearly £26.8 million on the night and continue to increase.

storm was chosen by GFM, an agency specialising in mass calling events, as a key part of their solution for BBC Children in Need. storm provided a secure automated payment service to ensure that BBC Children in Need could capture every donation, even when all their volunteer contact centre agents were busy. The platform handled tens of thousands of calls from viewers wishing to make donations, raising £600,000 in the space of just 6 hours.

At various points during the broadcast each year, there are large spikes in activity with many thousands of donors calling at the same time. The storm solution employs intelligent IVR and massive surplus capacity as the overflow for the donations hotline. Callers are able to complete their payment via a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant secure line provided by RedLock. This allows callers to make their donation with peace of mind, as their card details are never handled by another person.

“Handling the large call volumes involved in an event like this can be challenging, but equally challenging and even more important is guaranteeing the security of every call: especially when payments are involved,” said Martin Taylor, Content Guru Director.

“If callers can’t get through at the moment when they decide to donate, because of the immediate nature of broadcast appeals, there is a risk that some of them may forget to call back. storm mitigates that risk by giving BBC Children in Need a payment platform with the security and scalability to support a massive campaign concentrated within a very short window of time. We are very proud to have been part of another record-breaking year for BBC Children in Need and we hope to continue supporting their cause.”

November 23, 2012
Category: News