A powerful, predictive dialler service for outbound marketing

RedDial™ can be used to generate mass outbound multimedia marketing campaigns, information alerts and multi-channel services, automatically initiating outbound contacts via voice call, SMS, MMS or email.

Using Redwood’s RedDataManagement™ tool, contacts can be imported from a customer database into a RedDial contact list. The system can run outbound campaigns, targeted according to demographics or credit rating, or other criteria. The system finally routes successful connects to available agents as soon as the customer picks up the phone. Agents receive information about the customer via a screen pop, allowing them to greet them personally and begin the conversation according to a campaign-related script.

RedDial is a service offered as part of Redwood’s RedContact™ customer-premise equipment suite that delivers an inbound and outbound contact centre solution including multi-channel ACD (automated call distribution) and CTI (computer telephony integration).

RedContact runs on the DNX®-500 media gateway and sits within Redwood’s award-winning RTSinfonia® hardware and software architecture. The system can be deployed alongside any telephony infrastructure using VoIP (Voice over IP) or TDM (time-division multiplexed) carrier technologies, and is compatible with a wide range of phones and turrets.

Customers with seasonal or dynamic dialler needs can use DIAL™, accessing the same dialler functionality as an on-demand service delivered from the Redwood-built storm® platform. Whether as a CPE solution or as a pure cloud proposition, RedDial integrates with third-party software and hardware products, allowing the dialler to connect with IP- or TDM-based PBX systems and to push or pull data from local or remote databases and CRM applications.

Pacing algorithms can be easily adjusted to ensure that the number of initiated calls is in proportion to the number of available agents, ensuring that the company operating the dialler always stays within the regulator-specified limit for silent or abandoned calls, as well as making sure that the numbers dialled do not feature on national opt-out registers such as the UK’s Telephone Preference Service (see article below).

When RedDial is used as part of the RedContact suite, agent performance can be monitored in real time by contact centre managers using a comprehensive range of supervision features including real-time availability and call handling statistics, listen-in, call recording and screen recording. Performance metrics can be viewed live, distributed automatically, displayed on a wallboard and reviewed historically using the RedView™ management reporting interface.

The RedContact DTA® (Desktop Telephony Assistant) is an application that can be used by contact centre agents to display customer information related to each outbound call. Through data capture and CRM integration, information can be retrieved via a caller’s IVR or pulled automatically from a database and passed instantly to the agent’s screen as soon as a call is routed to them. The information presented can include the customer’s name and address, credit rating or even full contact history, enabling every agent to provide an efficient and personalised service across any channel necessary.

September 14, 2012
Category: News