Bracknell, November 28, 2011 - Redwood was privileged to welcome a visit from John Alty CB, the Chief Executive and Comptroller General of the British government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and Nigel Hanley, a Senior Patent Examiner specialising in software Intellectual Property.

The directors of Redwood, Sean Taylor and Martin Taylor, had the opportunity of speaking with two of the leading lights representing British business ideas. A range of topics was discussed, including the challenges of continuous innovation, proposed changes to patent law and the ins and outs of trademarking.

John Alty remarks on the company, “It’s excellent to see a business that’s really at the forefront of the British knowledge industry. In times of economic instability and uncertainty, we need businesses like Redwood to keep innovating, to keep growing and generating high-quality jobs for well-qualified people.

He adds, “It’s the intellectual property value created by entrepreneurs like these that’s going to help drive growth in the national economy.”

Martin Taylor also commented on the success of the visit:

“We were honoured to have the chance to sit down with John Alty and talk about some of the really tricky issues facing software developers today. At Redwood we’ve learnt, over nearly 20 years of experience, how to navigate the pitfalls of Intellectual Property and create real value.

“But for new technology companies starting up, it’s one of the big barriers to innovation. Will my software be protected? How do I make sure my competitors can’t simply throw their resources at producing the same thing? Am I even allowed to develop this product? What can I call it? These are all problems which aspiring entrepreneurs have to address.

“That’s why the IPO’s work is so important, in ensuring that the interests of both new and incumbent businesses are properly protected, and promoting responsible and sustainable commercial innovation.”

November 28, 2011
Category: News