Bracknell, November 11, 2011 - The Irish marketplace presents a unique set of challenges. It is a difficult time for many Irish businesses, as concerns about the instability of their currency and the possibility of a double-dip recession discourage potential investors from doing business there. It is also a market that has largely been overlooked by most major providers, with a relatively limited range of communications solutions being effectively distributed and supported.

Content Guru and C&W Worldwide are collaborating to implement a new storm Ireland platform built on Redwood’s technology, which represents C&W Worldwide’s biggest investment in Ireland in over a decade. Edward Winfield, the Director of SaaS Alliances for C&W Worldwide, remarks, “The current climate of uncertainty in Ireland presents an ideal opportunity for disruptive innovation.”

The team went over to Dublin to present storm Ireland to the Irish customer base at the Guinness Storehouse, the largest brewer of stout in the world and a renowned Dublin landmark. Guests heard a series of presentations from senior C&W Worldwide and Content Guru executives, followed by a pint of Guinness and panoramic views across the city from the famous ‘Gravity Bar’.

Stephen Colgan, the Head of Sales for C&W Ireland, remarked on the success of the event, “It was great to see so many of our customers turning out to learn about storm. Initially we thought perhaps they were only coming for a Guinness, but given that we’ve already got a flurry of follow-up meetings booked in with a range of customers, it seems safe to say they are as excited as we are about the platform!”

November 11, 2011
Category: News