Bracknell, October 24, 2011 - Content Guru has now launched the storm platform with Redwood technology in India. With Cable&Wireless Worldwide as the channel-to-market, the team had the chance to present storm to the Indian customer base. The event was supported by directors from C&W Worldwide.

Edward Winfield, the Director of SaaS Alliances for C&W Worldwide, comments, “storm is a key part of the C&W portfolio, and it is tried and tested in the UK. India is essential to our global strategy, so by making storm available to our customers there, we will be better able to service their needs.”

There are pressing challenges facing the Indian marketplace. Wage inflation rates of 8-15%, as well as 40-60% first-year churn of contact centre agents, is impacting the business case for offshoring contact centre operations. Moreover, competition from emergent territories, such as South Africa, is helping to drive an emphasis on improving quality of service. Contact centre BPOs have to reconcile this need for higher standards with retaining their advantageous price-point.

The storm team ran three seminars at 5* hotels in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi under the banner of “Bringing the cloud to the contact centre”. They met senior management from a host of global BPO companies and system integrators, including HP, IBM, Infosys, Convergys and Wipro. The launch has thrown up some of the most exciting storm opportunities to date, each of them potentially spanning multiple countries and thousands of contact centre seats.

Shali Thilakan, C&W Worldwide’s Managing Director for India and South Asia, commented on the successful launch of storm, “I am very proud of what the team has achieved. It is never easy to get customers to get out of their office, to travel across town and spend time with a vendor for a product launch. The customers get bombarded with these kinds of invites all the time. However we have been able to get more than expected participation across all three cities.”

Shali continues, “The level of interest these events have generated is a testament to the fact that there is a clear need for storm’s cloud-based services in the Indian contact centre marketplace.”

October 24, 2011
Category: News