Bracknell, June 23, 2011 - Redwood Technologies is releasing another technical capability layer for its highly popular range of contact centre solutions. A new screen recording facility will capture every second of a call agent’s screen activity, providing a sophisticated new compliance and evaluation tool that will help a business resolve disputes more effectively and enhance their customer service.

Provided either as a standalone solution or an integral module within the multi-award-winning RedRecorder™ suite, Redwood applications can now preserve both on-screen activity and call content, together.

Handing a client the opportunity both to ‘view’ and listen will contribute to rigorous compliance and dispute frameworks that govern communications in many sectors. Screen recording will also help an organisation train their staff to become more effective, call by call.

Redwood Senior Design Engineer, Martin Fung, explains:

“Screen recording reveals what steps a contact centre agent takes when dealing with a customer enquiry. This record, especially when provided integrally with voice recording, offers a crucial tool for compliance and quality assurance. A manager can analyse and thus improve the processes an agent follows, boosting both service quality and efficiency from the bottom up. This kind of monitoring also helps reduce the risk of fraud, a big worry for any operation dealing with sensitive information.

“Redwood has a rich heritage in the contact centre sector and call recording is a crucial part of that story. By providing a screen recording service that is seamlessly integrated with voice, we’re adding an extra dimension that will further refine a client’s management of their customer-facing operation.” Martin also notes how the smallest changes can make a huge difference to customer service.

“The slightest fine-tuning can pay significant dividends when applied across the huge volumes of transactions a contact centre may tackle every day.

“The ability to speed up and increase the accuracy of interactions with customers, for example in processing payments, can bring substantial revenue benefits to a business. These adjustments improve the customer experience and boost job satisfaction for call agents, too.”

Additional features can also include real-time monitoring and on-demand ‘hand-holding’, whereby a manager takes control of an agent’s mouse and keyboard remotely, actively supporting that agent as they progress through a call. This is another efficiency and customer satisfaction booster, saving the caller from a lengthy wait ‘on hold’ whilst an agent consults their supervisor or refers to a manual.

Screen recording is available as an on-site DNX solution or fully hosted in the cloud on storm®, the scalable Software-as-a-Service communications integration platform. Recordings are managed via an easy-to-use web portal – making arduous folder-trawling a thing of the past.  Advanced encryption, developed in accordance with Redwood’s ISO27001-accredited security procedures, means that a client can rest safe in the knowledge they are properly protecting their customers’ data.

August 24, 2011
Category: News