Bracknell, 4th February, 2011 - Dr. Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell, visited the headquarters of Bracknell-based communications group Redwood Technologies to discuss policies on innovation, economic recovery and the influence of the Internet on global politics and culture.

Dr. Lee, who is a strong advocate for science and technology issues in Westminster, met Sean and Martin Taylor, the brothers who founded Redwood in 1993. He was particularly interested in the company's Network Operations Centre, which makes Bracknell a communications hub for global organisations and national governments.

"As events in Egypt have shown, the communications age has entered a crucial new phase," commented Dr. Lee. "Social networking, smartphones and mass communication technologies are empowering people in ways that were never possible before.

"Redwood is a pioneer of these next generation technologies; it was fascinating to discuss their implications with the people at the forefront of innovation in this vital industry."

Dr. Lee was also introduced to Redwood's sister company Content Guru, which specialises in helping organisations to manage and work with the many different ways in which people now communicate.

“The technologies being developed here in Bracknell also address crucial issues for the public sector,” said Dr. Lee. “So-called cloud-based services allow us to use smarter communications to improve access to essential services, while saving money and avoiding the need to make major new investments.”

"Enterprise and innovation are the lifeblood of our economic recovery," said Dr. Lee. "Redwood Technologies and Content Guru exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that will drive economic success in the future, both for Bracknell and for the UK."

February 8, 2011
Category: News