Bracknell, January 4, 2011 - Redwood’s integrated communication solutions are often designed to overcome problems of bureaucracy and logistics. But the company was able to take a more direct route to overcoming the red tape and rough terrain that characterises life in central Africa, when it helped to negotiate customs for a container load of humanitarian aid destined for the Uvira District in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The charity Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) was struggling to pay the duties and arrange transport for a container of urgently needed supplies when Redwood stepped in. Redwood employees have helped the organisation in the past - a book sale helped to fund a roof for a school - and their prompt response was welcomed by the people on the front line. Clothes, bikes and computers

“In the villages, we distributed clothes to the children, babies and pupils,” said Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba, MHCD Director. “We visited health centres and Lemera hospital, where we distributed clothes to all the vulnerable women in the maternity unit.

“There were two adult bicycles in the container and they are of really great help to staff travelling to help midwives in the villages; we found hospital beds and mattresses, as well as computers that we gave to students learning computer sciences.

“Every day we receive so many vulnerable people in our office who come to ask for gifts from the container. We appreciate everything you are doing for the people of Uvira.”

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January 14, 2011
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