Bracknell, January 12, 2011 - A new dashboard interface has been introduced for Redwood’s RedView™ management suite.

The RedView Dashboard Designer allows you to create fully customisable displays of real-time service statistics. Its instant reporting capability enables contact centre managers, customer relationship management teams, business process managers and others to oversee developing patterns of interaction as they occur, allowing them to take immediate action if any is required.

RedView’s dashboard is a web interface which can be configured to report on all standard data sources, such as SQL and Oracle, as well as on proprietary or bespoke databases. Data from diverse siloes of information can be viewed through a single virtual console, giving managers a comprehensive real-time overview of the interaction channels under their control.

As a feature of RedView, the Dashboard Designer is integrated by default with all Redwood RedResponse® services and can be used to provide live statistical displays of events from any Redwood RTSinfonia® application. Statistics can be updated almost instantaneously, with a refresh time of one second. This speed is especially valuable during periods of high volume traffic, such as mass televotes or approaching financial deadlines, when managers may need to take rapid action to prevent loss of service.

Drag-and-drop design

The Dashboard Designer features an intuitive drag-and-drop web interface which allows you to choose the combination of reporting statistics for display. You can design your own dashboard report pages by dragging and dropping components such as charts, gauges and tables from a menu to your dashboard.

You can also design multiple dashboards, displaying different combinations of statistics to accommodate different reporting requirements. Each display can be modified on a per-user basis or configured for use across the organisation. Displays can also be saved as locked or unlocked templates, to be shared among users.

Integration with the RedResponse suite of applications means that you can use the RedView Dashboard Designer to generate real-time reports from any stage within your call flow, simply by pointing and clicking. For example, you can see how many callers have chosen a given call routing option within an IVR service, such as selecting an automated service, or speaking to a contact centre agent.

Monitoring this data can help to track performance and troubleshoot problems; for instance, the dashboard can show which IVR options have resulted in most lost calls. The Dashboard Designer can display a customisable combination of statistics from any call stage or event designed with the RedResponse Service Designer.

As more and more customer interaction channels become automated, the need to keep track of diverse siloes of communication – voice, SMS, mobile, the web, Twitter and more – is high on the agenda for many organisations. The channel integration capabilities of RedView Dashboard Designer help to transcend the technological barriers, allowing you to track all aspects of your crucial interactions – whether between people or devices – at a glance, in real time.

January 14, 2011
Category: News