Carphone Warehouse logoBracknell, September 9, 2010 -The Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent mobile retailer in Europe, selling more than 7,000,000 units every year. With 20% market share and 6% year including their rapidly increasing Smartphone range on year growth, it is one of the best known success stories in British retail.

Smartphones pushing service levels due to rising expectations

The challenge

The Carphone Warehouse Group is driven by a strongly service-oriented philosophy. The first of its Five Fundamental Rules states: "If we don’’t look after the customer, someone else will."

In the UK, The Carphone Warehouse contact centres in Warrington, near Manchester, and Acton, in West London, have vital roles to play in the delivery of the company’’s promise to its customers.

The ever increasing demand for the latest innovations has meant that Smartphones remain a high priority for Carphone Warehouse. In order to meet this demand, fulfilling customer expectations, balancing business constraints and managing service levels are all important factors.

Automated services can reduce costs - including staff costs - but, unless they are used carefully, can also alienate customers.

The Carphone Warehouse adopted an IP Contact Centre (IPCC) solution, because the versatility offered by IP-based technology allowed the deployment of intelligent customer-facing services that would not compromise the customer experience. It also enables robust availability and stability, with the ability to deploy cost-effective redundanct failover to ensure continuity of service, even time of peak demand. With demand for the service growing, the Carphone Warehouse team turned to Redwood to provide an additional layer of capacity and capability.

The solution

A Redwood DNX-1200 (Digital Network Xchange™) was installed between the existing IPCC technology and incoming call traffic at each contact centre site.

The DNX-1200 is Redwood’’s award-winning intelligent switching platform and communications server. Built for versatility, scalability and reliability, it gave The Carphone Warehouse the capacity and assured availability it needed to meet and exceed its customers’’ service expectations.

When things are running smoothly, the solutions provide routing and load-balancing functions that help to maintain the availability of the original platforms. In the event of any failure, the DNX-1200s can provide full redundant failover, maintaining complete continuity of service.

Redwood'’s RTComposer™ service creation environment runs on the DNX-1200, allowing the management team to develop and deploy their own applications quickly and easily. RTComposer is a feature-rich development environment that can be used to develop applications such as intelligent call routing, IVR and Internet telephony services. The intuitive graphical user interface makes RTComposer easy to learn and use, allowing the rapid development of even the most complex call flows.

The Carphone Warehouse has also adopted Redwood RedRecorder™ for all its call recording requirements. The solution offers easy, network-based inbound and outbound call recording; it can accommodate fixed line voice, mobile and VoIP contacts, and much more. It provides all the services required for essential functions such as dispute resolution, training and regulatory compliance.

Carphone Warehouse believe Smartphones in particular might continue to move ahead in the future. However, under the impression touchscreen capabilities have been taken as far as they can go, it is thought that software is the new area of development.

The benefits

Another of the Five Fundamental Rules that define The Carphone Warehouse approach to service states: "The reputation of the whole company is in the hands of each individual."

Given that the first point of customer interaction is the contact centre, the platform is one of the most important individuals in whose hands the reputation of the whole company rests. Redwood’’s intelligent, stable and highly adaptable solution has reinforced and enhanced the capacity of both contact centres to receive and manage high volumes of calls, delivering a rewarding customer experience that builds loyalty and reduces churn.

"The Redwood solutions has given us the resilience we need to ensure continuity of service to our customers." "The open architecture of the DNX-1200 means that it integrates completely with our exisiting systems and gives us much greater versatility.

"Redwood has allowed us to eveolve our contact centres to new levels of service that help to ensure customer satisfaction, while keeping downtime and total cost of ownership to a minimum"

Redwood Technologies is pleased to be the supplier of a provider of Unified Communications and Next Generation Networks to Carphone Warehouse.

September 9, 2010
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