Product of the Year 2009Bracknell, July 23, 2010 - The versatility, speed and capacity of RTInstantBilling enables service providers, virtual network operators and carriers to introduce competitive new services, while ensuring strong cashflow. It can be deployed within mobile, fixed-line, fixed wireless and packet-switched networks, making it ideal for all Next Generation Network services. For example, it provides billing  functions for Deutsche Telekom's Web 2.0 solution.

RTInstantBilling sets up, controls and bills multiple varieties of transaction simultaneously and at high volumes, working in real time. The platform is highly secure and can be applied to services ranging from ‘’plain vanilla’’ prepaid voice telephony through to complex multimedia applications such as SMS Text-To-Talk, where elements of inbound and outbound messaging and voice need to be tariffed together, using both point-based and duration-based charging.

Some applications of RTInstantBilling, such as home video and games delivery, do not even involve communications transactions. The platform is ready to bill the next generation of machine-to-machine services.

"This award recognises both Redwood’’s relentless R&D effort and the crucial strategic role that RTInstantBilling is playing in the evolution of communications services" says Martin Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director of Redwood Technologies.

"Fierce competition means that both margins and cashflow are under constant pressure for all carriers and service providers. They have to introduce compelling and often complex new services all the time. These are often known as being ‘’hard to bill’’, but, with RTInstantBilling, accounting for even the most sophisticated services becomes fast, reliable and above all accurate."

For further information please contact:- Rachel Love T. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 344 F. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 345 E.

July 23, 2010
Category: News