Scottish Prison ServiceBracknell, March 23, 2010 - Prisoners are allocated PINs when they are   admitted into the service, and can purchase call credit with their cash allowances, known as "canteen" money. Phones are installed on each landing and prisoners are allowed to phone the numbers they have registered with the system whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

Redwood's RTMonitor® enables real-time     monitoring of calls, while RedRecorder™ provides recording and archiving functions. The graphical, web-based interface allows officers with no  specialist technical knowledge to use the system and maintain an appropriate level of control and supervision of calls.

"This is the first large scale deployment of the DNX-500 in the UK," says Jim Taylor, Business Development Director for Redwood Technologies. "It is an excellent example of the versatility and ease of management offered by the platform, which adapted readily to the unique requirements of the system."

The phones are part of a major upgrade of the PIN-based phone service provided to prisoners by the Scottish Prison Service. The Service chose Redwood’s new DNX®-500 intelligent communication and switching platform to replace the previous installation and provide new capabilities that will reduce costs and improve the management and control of the system.

Unique environments

"We were impressed by the work done by Redwood for the German and Norwegian prison services," says Alan Howarth, Assistant Director Performance and Assurance for the Scottish Prison Service. "The Redwood team worked closely with us to design and build a system that meets our requirements; they showed a deep understanding of the unique environments in which we operate."

As well as designing and implementing the new system, Redwood is providing maintenance for the entire estate, encompassing 15 prisons and the Scottish Prison Service headquarters near Edinburgh.

"The RTSinfonia® communications architecture running on the DNX-500 gives us remote access to maintain the system," says Matthew Chadd, Senior Project Manager for Redwood Technologies. "We can interrogate each phone remotely to keep firmware and software up to date, and to help with moves, adds and changes where necessary."

Mobile credit

Redwood's RTInstantBilling® provides management of each prisoner’’s account and allows them to take credit with them if they are moved between sites. Prisoners can also be given cash refunds for any outstanding credit they have bought, when they are  released.

Calls are recorded using Redwood’’s RedRecorder™, which offers greater capacity and faster archiving and retrieval than the previous DAT and DVD-based process. The RTMonitor® monitoring system allows officers to listen in on calls and intervene where necessary.

The phones themselves feature LCDs which show the prisoners how much credit they have available. The interface supports ten different languages.


Says Alan Howarth: "With strong pressure to cut costs across the public sector, the versatility and optimised architecture of the DNX-500 platform has allowed SPS to deliver an improved standard of service. We now have a system that will adapt and scale with our requirements, while delivering efficiencies that will help us to keep costs under control."

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March 23, 2010
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