Bracknell, February 17, 2010 - The DNX-500 blends scalability and future-proofing with backwards software compatibility that can substantially extend the life of existing Redwood deployments. It incorporates VoIP and PSTN functionality, making it ready for the accelerating move to IP and the Next Generation Network, while still supporting the full portfolio of existing Redwood applications and services.

The DNX-500 can slot straight into an existing Redwood array and transform its capabilities, all at a very low cost per channel.

Communications mix

Circuit-switched fixed-line voice services now form only part of a mix of corporate communication channels that might include packet-switched Voice-over-IP, mobile, email, SMS messaging, the web, corporate social networks and audio and videoconferencing. Today, many organisations require the stability, capacity and integrated capabilities of intelligent media gateways that were previously only cost-effective for network operators, carriers and service providers.

The DNX-500 offers full support for this new generation of multiple communication channels, with a modular design that enables organisations to deploy the mix of channels that is best suited to their needs.


Redwood's RTSinfonia® architecture allows easy adaptation and deployment of existing services and applications, as well as rapid development of new bespoke services, through the RTComposer® service creation environment. The DNX-500 is easily managed and configured through a web-based interface supporting industry-standard SNMP, incorporating a remotely controllable system diagnostic module.

Dual processors

Dual quad core Intel® Xeon® processors provide a proven high performance platform for the DNX-500, with dedicated memory banks for each processor. Loading is shared between the processors in normal operation, but the design allows for automatic failover to single processor operation in the event of processor or memory failure.

The flexibility of the architecture, with signalling and media processing on a single card, allows a choice of channel deployments ranging from medium to very high density, with scope for easy expansion if additional channels are required.

With end-users driving a new communications revolution, through platforms such as Twitter, Google™ and Facebook, enterprises and public sector organisations need to take control of the new multi-channel, multimedium environment. The Redwood DNX-500 gives organisations the control, flexibility and scalability they need, while extending and enhancing the profitable working life of their existing Redwood deployments.

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February 17, 2010
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