Bracknell, October 30, 2009 - The Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) visited Redwood’s UK headquarters in Bracknell in October. Richard Lambert met Redwood Directors Sean and Martin Taylor to discuss ideas for innovation strategies to help the UK out of recession.

The CBI is the UK’s top business lobby organisation. Its specialist services and unmatched influence with government, policymakers, legislators, and unions have established the organisation as one of the leading champions of British industry at home and around the world.

A recommendation made by Redwood to the CBI was to think about monetising intellectual property through the UK’s patent system. “We suggested that the government could do more to help businesses secure patents that will earn new revenue for the UK,” said Sean Taylor.

“It is notoriously difficult for Britain’s innovators to protect their ideas and generate sustainable profit from them, which means that a lot of valuable intellectual property disappears overseas.”

“We envisage a UK patent plc, which would allow the government to take a share in UK-registered patents, earning long-term revenue from ideas born in Britain.”

A better deal for small- and medium-sized businesses was also on the agenda. Martin Taylor explains that growing businesses such as Redwood Technologies can sometimes be disadvantaged in the bidding process for public sector contracts.

“We try harder, because we don’t have the vast resources and scale of large enterprises,” he says. “But it means we are more agile, responsive and customer-focused, enabling us to deliver much better value for the taxpayer. We suggested a standards system to Richard Lambert that would allow businesses like Redwood to be registered as approved government partners. A minimum number of registered SMEs would have to be considered for each public sector contract, alongside the usual enterprise suspects.

“It would level the playing field and give the government better access to the UK’s real engine of innovation.”

“We were pleased to welcome Richard Lambert to Redwood,” added Sean Taylor. “He has a crucial role in speaking out on behalf of businesses like ours, helping to influence policymakers and keep the interests of British enterprise at the top of the political and economic agenda.

“This was a valuable opportunity to talk to an influential figure with access to the top levels of government. We look forward to continuing our involvement with the CBI.”

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October 30, 2009
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