Bracknell, August 10, 2009 — A leading international utility company is using STORM to deliver an innovative customer service improvement in the UK. STORM LOSS (Loss of Supply Service) is a suite of inbound and outbound services developed specifically for utilities and service providers. It is designed to reduce pressure on contact centres when there is a loss of supply, and to help organisations offer a more proactive service.

Proactive Communication

STORM LOSS allows organisations to instantly notify customers via SMS or voice when a loss of service is detected. The message can be sent to everyone who has registered to receive the service and is affected by the event. It tells them that their provider is aware of the problem and that something is being done about it.


STORM LOSS provides a way of reassuring customers quickly when a problem arises. Many customers will be satisfied to know that the fault has been registered and action is being taken, and will not therefore call a contact centre to find out what is happening.

More messages can be sent as work on the fault progresses, keeping customers informed of what is happening and reducing the likelihood of further calls to the contact centre. STORM LOSS helps to mitigate spikes in traffic, and also frees more agents to speak to the people that do call, further enhancing the service provided to customers.


"It is a simple concept, but a very important one," says Martin Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director for Redwood. "Good communication is essential when there is a problem, because people get stressed when they feel that they do not know what is going on."

With pressure building on UK energy firms to publish the number of complaints they receive, STORM LOSS can be a powerful customer relationship management tool. "Firms who take the trouble to communicate proactively can gain a rapid competitive advantage," says Martin Taylor. "The simple act of apologising when a problem occurs, without being asked, can make the difference between creating a loyal advocate, or an unhappy antagonist."


As a hosted service running on STORM, STORM LOSS requires no capital outlay or investment. You simply pay a pre-agreed management fee, making budgeting easy. STORM’s open architecture means that it can integrate with any standard back-office system, and that the messaging service can be delivered over any network. Customers can even choose to have STORM LOSS messages delivered by email, or as pre-recorded voice messages over the phone.

Says Martin Taylor: "British people in particular are renowned for their unwillingness to complain, but their reaction is often to take their business elsewhere. It is also true to say that for every complaint you receive, there will be many more people who are unhappy, but have not bothered to get in touch.

"STORM LOSS means that even if your core infrastructure suffers a major outage, your customer’s lasting memory should be of the great customer service."

About Redwood Technologies

Redwood Technologies Ltd was established in 1993 and is a leading supplier of Enhanced Communications Services technology. It provides Value Added Network Services, softswitching and billing equipment to fixed line and mobile operators, ISPs and ASPs.  In addition, the company has also developed an important niche in the large enterprise market space where it manufactures specialist systems for financial services institutions and contact centres as well as developing bespoke software and hardware solutions for OEMs.  Clients include BT plc, Deutsche Telekom AG, KPN Telecom NV and Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd. Today Redwood has installations in over 60 countries in over 1000 sites.

The company is headquartered in Bracknell, UK and has offices in Berlin, Germany; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; San Jose, California and Abuja, Nigeria. It is ISO9001 and TickIT accredited.

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August 10, 2009
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