February 16th 2009 - As the growth of Web 2.0 kicks into high gear, Deutsche Telekom is working at the leading edge of its development. The company’s Helios Project is making some of its key services, such as voice, messaging and authentication, available to developers for use in their web-based applications and services. Redwood solutions are playing a crucial role in the success of the programme.

Helios uses Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to make it easy for developers to build Deutsche Telekom services into their applications. The first services were introduced in December 2008 and include a voicecall service, allowing calls to be set up through web-based applications, or within a business process application, and a Send SMS service, which provides the ability to send text messages from within an application.

These services are offered to developers on a pre-paid basis, which avoids the complex process of opening a formal subscriber account and removes another barrier to their deployment. The pre-payment function is handled by Redwood’s RTInstantBilling billing solution.

"Project Helios is a key element of our Web 2.0 strategy," says Herbert Heusinger, Product Manager for Payments and Cards at Deutsche Telekom. "As an industry leader, it is important for us to set the pace with new developments. Helios is an innovative way of generating new traffic and getting our technology more widely used.

"In this environment, time-to-market is a critical issue. RTInstantBilling gives us the flexibility and ease of use we need to deploy services rapidly, and manage revenues efficiently."

RTInstantBilling is a billing system designed to accommodate the diverse demands of today’s multimedia communications world. It supports pre-paid and subscriber-based video and audio conferencing, online communication, SMS and MMS services and VoIP, as well as conventional fixed-line and mobile voice services.

"The reporting and tracking capabilities of the solution provide us with valuable management information," says Herbert Heusinger. "As the range of services within Helios expands, we will be able to see how they are adopted and plan our deployments and offerings to match the needs and preferences of our developer community.

"We know that RTInstantBilling will adapt to accommodate the rapid evolution of the project, and allow us to roll-out our strategy with maximum impact."

Project Helios is available through a dedicated developer portal at http://developer.telekom.de.

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February 16, 2009
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